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Creating logos, posters, and any other branding assets you need for your business.


Designing a beautiful User Interface, and carving out the perfect User Experience.

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Creating a complete user flow of your mobile and web product, beautifully laid out.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

James MacLean

James MacLean

Co-founder at Vitameter

“The work Clevr Design did allowed us to showcase our vision for the product. We were amazed to get such high quality mockups for our mobile app prototype so quickly.”

Vidur Kumar

Vidur Kumar

Lead Developer at Morph

“Working with Clevr was easy, they created a logo which users said suited our mobile app perfectly. When pitching the app, we were noted on the design of the logo, as they said it was beautiful.”

Megan Brown

Megan Brown

Founder of QueenofSuburbia

“I'm totally clueless when it comes to websites and design, so I was so excited when Clevr helped me out. They did a great job and built me something that I could use to grow my platform. I'm so grateful!”

Our Mission

Clevr Design is only here with one clear mission: Make every brand look beautiful and feel seamless. Every brand, from a small app startup to a large enterprise with no software solution needs a clever design behind their products and services. We work with businesses to bring simple, elegant, and beautifully crafted designs to their solution.

Clevr is a design solution created by Nima Tahami, Co-Founder at ShiftRide. Nima has been able to create design solutions for his own startups and brands, however, he feels that there are many brands out there that lack a strong design background, and could definetley benefit from one. You can read more about the importance of design here.

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